Latisha Newby

HR Consultant | Speaker | Attorney

Latisha is an attorney and seasoned human resources expert with an impressive track record spanning over two decades. She has emerged as a distinguished professional with extensive proficiency in various HR areas, such as strategic leadership, compliance, employee relations, handbook creation, and training & development.

Throughout her career, Latisha has made significant contributions to organizations across the private, nonprofit, and education sectors. Her commitment extends beyond routine HR functions, particularly emphasizing leadership development and coaching at all organizational levels.  Latisha also serves as the Certification Director and previous Board Chair for Raleigh Metro SHRM.

Latisha's educational background is equally impressive, holding a Juris Doctorate from North Carolina Central University, a Master of Science in Human Resources Development from Villanova University, and a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification from HRCI.  Her multifaceted expertise and dedication to fostering inclusive workplaces make her a standout professional in the field.

People and Culture

At Cultivate HR Consulting, we are dedicated to helping HR professionals and small business owners thrive. Our team of experts is committed to providing top-notch HR advice and support.

two women sitting at a table looking at a computer screen
two women sitting at a table looking at a computer screen
three women sitting on chairs front of table
three women sitting on chairs front of table
"Latisha is a highly experienced Human Resources professional, hardworking, problem solver, and can adapt to new situations efficiently and effectively. Latisha is always looking for opportunities to improve processes and ways to motivate employees.”

- Gabby H.

"Latisha is an HR professional who is always ready and willing to provide guidance to others. Latisha is knowledgeable as well as resourceful in all aspects of HR.”

- Wendy G.

“Latisha was an absolute pleasure to work with! I was continuously impressed by the wealth of knowledge she brought to the table and her dedication to her duty as a leader.”

- Ryan R.

Latisha has a broad range of skills that include compliance, benefits, training, and employee management. She is a caring professional who tries to find solutions that benefit both the employer and employee."

- Patti S.

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